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If you have fine lines, acne scars or if you want to improve the overall look and appearance of your skin, micro needling is a perfect solution. If you're in or around Newcastle, get in touch with Ocean to find out more about our micro needling treatments. In this process, tiny needles are used to produce collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in a thicker dermis and softer wrinkles.

You can also depend on us for skincare, tanning and waxing services.

Improve your appearance with micro needling

Here are a few conditions which can be treated using micro needling therapy:


  • Hypopigmentation

  • Age spots

  • Skin laxity

  • Poor texture

  • Thinning hair

  • Fine lines and wrinkles


You can have greatly improved looking skin with micro needling solutions. Based in Newcastle, County Down, we're located just five minutes from Slieve Donard.

Why use micro needling therapy?

For professionally treating the blemishes on your face, you can rely on micro needling treatments from Ocean.


Deal with fine lines and wrinkles on your face with micro needling. Call now:


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